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Yuki Water Treatment ( Filter Air )

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Yuki Water Treatment ( Filter Air )
Yuki Water Treatment ( Filter Air )
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Name:Mr. Satopin [Employee]
Mobile Number:081210113868
Phone Number:021-6002368
Fax Number:62-21-6006973
Address:Jalan Mangga Besar Raya 81 (Lokasari) Blok C 18
Jakarta 11170, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Oct. 25, 2009
Last Updated:Nov. 19, 2010
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade of Environment category

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Company Brief

PT. Sentrasarana Tirtabening, otherwise known as Yuki Water Treatment, is one of the first water treatment companies established in Jakarta. Founded since 1980s, Yuki Water Treatment has almost 30 years credibility, experience and expertise resolving various water related problems in homes, offices, restaurants, bakeries, food and beverage processing industries, hotels, laboratories, factories, hospitals, and more.

Unlike other water treatment and filter companies, Yuki Water Treatment do actually care about our customersí welfare and therefore uses only filter parts and media from reputable US, Canadian and European companies. This was done so that you, as customer, can receive highest level of product warranty, reliability, durability and satisfaction. To make sure you obtain the best water solution, Yuki Water Treatment also offers free consultation, free water test, and customized water treatment designing, assembling and installation. Upon request, our experienced consultants will schedule an on-site survey within 48 hours to help determine, explain and offer the best water solution for your water problems.

To ensure all your Yuki Water Treatment equipments function effectively and optimally in the long run, we also offers high quality and cost effective after-sales services such as filter media cleaning, filter media regeneration, filter media replacement, filtration system inspection and more. Our experienced and friendly customer service staffs and technicians will help remind and schedule such services at your convenience.

With Yuki Water Treatment, all your financial investment and trust will pay for itself in the long run. With product quality and customer satisfaction as our main goals, you can be assured that your clean and/ or drinking water is in the best of hands.

For further inquiries and information regarding any water problems and/ or Yuki Water Treatment products and services, please free to contact us at:
- ( 021) 6002368
- info@ yukiwaterfilter.com
- www.yukiwaterfilter.com

Mission Statement

1. To design and manufacture the best solution for clean and/ or drinking water for use in any environment and industry.

2. To support and provide owners of Yuki Water Treatment products with cost effective and the best after-sales services for maintaining high quality clean and/ or drinking water.

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